Hannah D. Zane, PhD, CLS(ASCP)

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Company: Rutgers University

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Hannah Zane is a Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, formerly UMDNJ, where she was the founding Chair of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Science, and developed and implemented a variety of educational programs, including Medical Technology, Discipline Specific Programs, Baccalaureate-Level Toxicology Programs, and Post-Graduate Fellowships in Reproductive Technology – in collaboration with the OBG/YN department.

Dr. Zane has a MS in Physiology and a PhD in immunology. She taught immunology, microbiology, immunology/serology, and hematology for over 20 years within the CLS department at UMDNJ.

Dr. Zane wrote and published the textbook “Immunology: Theoretical and Practical Concepts in Laboratory Medicine” (W.B. Saunders) in 2001. This textbook has been translated into Chinese and published by Elsevier, Singapore in 2006.

Dr. Zane conducted on-going, grant-funded research in reproductive immunology at UMDNJ and she was a visiting scholar at the Medical School, University at Buffalo, collaborating on research in laboratory diagnosis of celiac disease, during her one-year sabbatical.

More recently, Dr. Zane has been a guest lecturer at Washington University, Life Long Learning Institute (LLI), presenting on various topics within immunology.